Teenagers, children and spam

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Pew Internet & American Life Project titled ‘Teenage Life Online’, six out of every ten online teens have received an email from a perfect stranger; with 63% admitting to responding to the stranger.

To the parents this may fit into the same category as spam.

More than half of parents today have filtering software on the computer their teens use at home. There are several systems that exist where the child/teenager has to get the parents to add someone as an approved email source or a site as an approved site before they can get the information.

While I agree with the fact that what children see on the Internet must be controlled (I have a 2.5 year old and am not looking forward to the day) it is very sad that we have to do so much work to protect ourselves from the stuff we don’t want.

Original article on IDT Blog about email spam

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  1. i always new kids were less guarded than adults when it came to interacting with strangers on the net but 63% responded? That’s a frighteningly high proportion of them.

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