Hope everyone is enjoying some peace and quiet and good old fashion relaxation.

There are amazing sales going on over this weekend (some I need to get myself to right away) so just a very quick word of warning:

Make sure any emails you click on for these sales, actually sends you to the right website.

A lot of time these emails will say that you have to click to get the sale, and some are totally real.

However before you give up any of your personal information, check the website address and make sure it is the actual site. Some tips on how to do this:

* Do a search for the company and see if the site you find is exactly the same as the one you will click through on the email
* Watch for a very small “.cn” in the address. Everything else make look totally correct, like nordstrom.sale.cn.com – this looks good, except that .cn means it is a phishing attempt.
* Watch of any other very small additions in the address name. This is how they trick you and very important to look for.

Still not totally sure: call the store and ask them to give you the correct address and verify the email sale.

Have a great Memorial weekend and enjoy the free time.