Continuation of Who are the Biggest Spammers series:

Now we have Vincent Chan is the top Chinese spammer and stays near the top of all major spammer lists (possibly why we have seen such a dramatic increase in spam from this country).

He works together with (presumably his brother) Lap Chung Chan and a small group of Chinese spammers. They specialize in pharmaceutical type spam (viagra, enlarging body parts and so on) but have also been known to spam for watches, toner, ink cartridges and mortgages.

Chan and company were the first to massively abuse Geocities redirectors in 2004/05. He automated the building of pages whose sole purpose was to redirect the user to the actual target website. This allows the spammer to get around numerous well-established spam filters, which would never block a geocities domain, since Yahoo is widely whitelisted on most block lists.

Now they seem to be into hosting redirectors on compromised Windows machines. In addition, Vincent Chan has his own hosting set up (which he also sells to other spammers) that have popped up all over China.

He seems to have an unlimited supply of compromised machines as you can’t just block any one address. In addition he is regularly compromising other’s machines to use to send out his spam.

Sites he creates are characterized by hidden links and site redirections.

Doesn’t sound like he is going to change his ways anytime soon. Best to just get a good email filter to block it all.