Need Email Access on Vacation?

By Shiloh Pettyjohn in Email Studies on

We went on a trip and one of the key items for us was to make sure that there was wireless access so we could check our email and do our work.

Happy to find out that we aren’t alone according to the fourth annual Email Addiction Survey from AOL Mail where 19% of respondents choose vacation spots with access to email.

Additionally, 62% of people check work email on the weekends and 59% check email from the bathroom (up from 53% last year). All of these making me feel more normal because I admit to doing all of the above as well.

With a good email spam blocker in place I fortunately don’t have a problem with having to go through a bounce of spam. I can’t imagine what these people do who have to wade through all that email spam (with email spam being 95% of emails sent out) each time they check.

To find out more about the survey, including some breakdowns by city, visit their website here.