When I tell people that I work for an email spam company, one of the first and most surprising questions I get asked (after how do I stop the spam) is why do spammers spam.

Well, results from a new survey by Marshal show that 29% of respondents to a recent survey admitted they made purchases from spam messages. This is up from 2004 where only 20% admitted to doing so.

That pretty much says it all, unfortunately, spammers do it for the money and enough people buy stuff or get caught by the scams to make it worth their while to keep going.

My objective, educate everyone I met on email spam, how not to get caught, not to respond and definitely not to buy. Really in the end, if we hit the spammers where it counts (in the back pocket) they will eventually give up.

  1. Some people buy from spam emails because the products that they are after are not the sort of thing they would go and buy in a store.

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