Not to be out-done here is a small collection of the Paris Hilton email spam subject lines:

  • Paris Hilton Wins Pulitzer Prize
  • Paris Hilton Sells Her Soul to the Devil, Admits it on Larry King
  • Paris Hiltons vagina begins prison sentence
  • Paris Hilton gives birth to twins… aliens
  • Paris Hilton To Invade Rwanda
  • Sponge Bob named in Paris Hilton paternity lawsuit
  • Aliens Deny Impregnating Paris Hilton
  • Stephen Hawking Defends Paris Hilton Against Sex Allegations
  • George Bush Caught Naked with Paris Hilton.

This celebrity thing is definitely a new thing, just a few months ago there was not this much spam centering around the celebrities. Someone realized that most people are fascinated by them and thought could catch a few more people if targeted them.