It seems that whenever you buy something on the Internet this leads to more email spam in your mailbox.

However, a lot of legitimate companies are starting to recognize that selling your email address to someone or even spamming them themselves without your consent gets them in trouble.

However instead of being very overt and forthcoming about getting your consent they are being subtle and many people miss the opportunity to say no because it is so hidden.

Whenever you buy something on-line read the entirety of all the pages of the checkout process. Especially look for a little title checkbox that is you either have to check to not be on their mailing list or uncheck. Sometimes there is more than one:

  • One box that says the place you are buying stuff from can email you
  • Another box that says their “partners” can email you. In most cases this “partner” is just someone who is willing to buy your email address. Even if it says “trusted partners” or something similar, it still is opening you up to spam.

    If there are no checkboxes anywhere, look for a privacy policy link and read what it says there. If they “reserve” the right to send you emails or anything similar, you will be spammed and you will have to decide if it is worth it to buy the product from them.

    Some places actually state in their privacy policy that they won’t spam you, and hopefully more and more places will do this.

    If they don’t have a check boxes or a privacy policy, you will be spammed by them or they will be selling your email address. Again, a decision you will have to make if it is worth it to buy the product from them.