Warning: This is a little bit of a rant, sorry.

It is great fun to watch the spam subject lines that people talk about on twitter. Just do a search on Twitter search for “spam subjects” (or click here).

Then there is going through my hotmail account and laughing at the stuff that makes it through their filter.

Then there is the spam I get on my facebook account, people forwarding those scammy alerts to their entire address book.

Also those people on facebook who don’t seem to understand that because I said once I couldn’t make their event, doesn’t mean that if you send me the invite again I will suddenly change my mind.

Also those new twitter followers who just post one tweet after another about their product, all with links back to their site.

Don’t even get my started on MySpace.

Seems every new system that goes up, someone works out how to spam it. People, learn to participate in the community, not abuse it!