That honor goes to Angelina Jolie who is the most popular celebrity name used by spammers to tempt people into opening unsolicited email, according to new research.

The other famous figures in the top 10 table ranged from those well-known internet favourites Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, to less obviously appealing figures like Hillary Clinton and Osama bin Laden.

Spammers use the names of celebrities – frequently with a sexual twist – to encourage people to open emails which often contain damaging viruses.

Spam email bait top 10:
1) Angelina Jolie
2) Barack Obama
3) Paris Hilton
4) Britney Spears
5) Jessica Simpson
6) Hillary Clinton
7) George W Bush
8) Osama Bin Laden
9) Brad Pitt
10) Michael Jackson

Original article: Angelina Jolie most popular spam email ‘bait’ from UK Telegraph