I used to start my days going through all my spam in the morning. It is amazing how much spam is sent over night so as to be right there waiting for you in the morning.

It sort of makes sense that they would do the mass mailings overnight as this is when most computers are taking a break from all that daytime surfing. Then they don’t overload email servers as much.

So, just in case you were wondering why you were getting so much in the morning, that would be my guess (I would love to interview a spammer and find out why they actually do things).

  1. I have to disagree. Most spam is sent during the day when all of the desktop computers are on and being zombies. And it looks (based on traffic patterns) to be more office computers then home computers (weekdays are far worse then weekends.) Anyway, some lovely graphs for your perusal: (black: BNSBL refusals, yellow: filtered out for pattern matches, green: sent to main mail server for bays filtering and final delivery)


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