Dale Begg-Smith competes for a second time in the Olympic Games.

He took home the Gold in 2006 as an Australian Mogul Skier though he hails from Canada (another subject for discontent).

Begg raised more notoriety for his business dealings than for the fact that he took home the Gold. A fact that clearly left him with bitter feelings toward the media and possibly his own fortune made before becoming an Olympiad.

Now that he is back for the 2010 Olympics new questions about his very decency are being raised. Is he a Spammer? Did he pay his way to the Olympics both times on Spyware? Has he been instrumental in propagating Malware on computers?

More basically, if he were Miss Universe would he have his title stripped because of engaging in illegal activities if in fact the alleged illegal activities are factual?

He drives a $300,000.00 car and can pay for anything he needs where his training is concerned, unlike most Olympic hopefuls who have to work tirelessly just to keep up with basic essentials until hopefully they take home the Gold and can make a living via endorsements.

Ultimately, if he is a Spammer, Spyware, Malware propagator, does his perceived odious behavior have any bearing on his mogul skiing and any Olympic medals he might take home?

Isn’t there some irony that he went to Australia, the 1800’s criminal colony for the Brits to perform his alleged illegal activities?

Maybe SPAM would offer him an endorsement:)