Spam emails often contain certain types of virues, mal ware, etc., that can infect your computer, but in order to infect your computer you have to OPEN them.

Imagine you knew a person who had AIDS. Would you rub an open sore to a bloody sore on their body? Of course not.

I know it’s graphic, but the reality is that is not unlike the viruses your computer can get. It is a matter of life and death to your computer.

Spyware, in an instant, can rape your computer of vital information and take that information and deplete your savings or open credit card accounts in your name only to destroy your credit.

In today’s day and age, when electronics are so prevalent in our society the undoing of such viruses is so time consuming it sometimes can take years for someone to repair the damage done.

So, just let those spam emails die in your trash can and keep your computer and yourself safe.