I know it seems almost unbelievable that this could be the case, but the reality is, Spammers are some of the most unscrupulous people and if you were to email them back that you wanted to be removed from their list it is almost positive that they will take that as a bona fide email and sell it in the top tier of verified emails addresses.

Spammers aren’t necessarily on the same terms as the rest of us. My 11-year-old daughter got on a Spam list and was sent pornography. Totally untraceable to its original source and when I went in the police station to lodge a complaint they told me there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

If that same “Spam” was sent through the US Postal service that person would have committed a serious crime and would have been traceable because of the return address.

The surest measure against Spam is to stay of sites that will make you a Spam target and to have a really effective Spam solution.