Did you blind cc them????? If not, I would guess ALL your friends would call it spam!

There is nothing more annoying than having your email blasted to a bunch of people you don’t know and likely don’t want to know!

However, if you sent an email with a blind copy, you probably did okay and no, it isn’t really spam. At least most of your friends will think so, though there are bound to be a few who feel a little spammed.

Spam is technically classified as an unwanted, unsolicited email from a non recognizable source, in other words people emailing you and a massive number of other people who don’t know the emailer and never asked to be emailed.

Make sense?

You should check with your friends and see if they mind getting occasional blasts from you and anyone who does mind, take them off your list.  Then, stay away from the “cc” line on a mass email, it is just the more polite thing to do.