When I am online, there is not much that annoys me more than a website that takes forever to load. Not only is it frustrating, but it also ruins the whole online experience.

When a website doesn’t load quickly I am more likely to become distracted, my desire to use that website lessens, and my mood immediately worsens. You may be reading this and think, “Wow she’s being a little over dramatic about this.” But think about it! When you are browsing a site and think, “Oh that looks interesting!” and click on whatever it was you thought was interesting, flash-forward 2 minutes when you’re still waiting for said interesting thing to load, it is off-putting.

It is a known fact that people hold their breath while they wait for a text message so it would only make sense that they would respond in the same manner while waiting for a website to load.

So, imagine, you are waiting for a website to load, whether it is for work, research, school, or just enjoyment, and you are stuck there holding your breath (figuratively, but sometimes literally), painfully waiting for something to change.

The moment you see the “spiral of death” (the little wheel that turns endlessly in an effort to get people to understand that something is loading and needs time) is the worst, because you know it is all bad from there.

This is most infuriating with online stores, I find, because all you are trying to do is give a store you like some business and when their website won’t load, it makes you wonder if they really want your business after all. Chain stores, large corporations, and even the small boutiques have been guilty of this one.

A message to all business owners everywhere: Please know, that when a website does not load, it makes your customers feel that they are uncared for.

Do your part in making the overall web surfing experience something much more pleasant, and have a website that is hosted well and doesn’t take forever to load.

— MB


We are not nerds and while we occasionally understand a small part of what the founders and technical guys are talking about (mostly they explain stuff in terms of cakes and pies), we are all Internet users. We thought it would be fun to share some of our own ideas and views amongst the more technical stuff the boys are going to put up here.