We see the benefits of:

  • It’s easy: You don’t have to set up any kind of facility or have any staff to get your funds raised. You just make an account online and share it with your friends.
  • Creates a group project: When you share your fundraising with your friends on social media, you make them a part of the project. This creates a sense of community and fun in reaching your goals on funding your projects.
  • You can reach more people: With something online, you can send your fundraiser to people around the world, whereas doing a fundraising campaign which isn’t online will only be able to reach a small sphere of people at a time.
  • Can be less effort: Fundraising online can be considered to be less effort than actually having to set up a formal fundraiser that people can attend in person. Since it’s online, people can do their fundraising from wherever they please.
  • It could be successful marketing: If your online fundraising campaign goes viral, which it very well could if it has a funny video or clever story connected to it, then it will surge throughout the entirety of the internet, making it a marketing success.

— MB


We are not nerds and while we occasionally understand a small part of what the founders and technical guys are talking about (mostly they explain stuff in terms of cakes and pies), we are all Internet users. We thought it would be fun to share some of our own ideas and views amongst the more technical stuff the boys are going to put up here.