Notes on things you could look for:

  • When there is free shipping: Something that I am not a fan of when it comes to shopping online is paying for shipping. There is not one reason in particular that is irks me as much as it does, I have just found that when stores have free shipping I am 100% more likely to come back to that store the next time I need something.
  • Good notifications concerning the item: This is mostly about when things that I have ordered have suddenly gone on back order. When the store does not notify me immediately when this sort of thing happens, I am put off to say the least. I don’t like having unnecessary store credit, and like to know what’s happening with my order.
  • When there’s good customer service: This is, of course, the most important thing about shopping anywhere. If its online, I love it when the store has a chat icon that you can speak to a representative and I love it even more when this person is super helpful and actually knows what they are talking about.

— MB


We are not nerds and while we occasionally understand a small part of what the founders and technical guys are talking about (mostly they explain stuff in terms of cakes and pies), we are all Internet users. We thought it would be fun to share some of our own ideas and views amongst the more technical stuff the boys are going to put up here.