Custom Web Development VS Template Sites

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The pros and cons list of custom versus template is very one sided.

The pros of custom website can be innumerable, including but not limited to:

  • the freedom to create your own personal site
  • the ability to have everything you want on your site

With a template there may be some peevish constrictions, as well as the creativity that comes along with building your own personalized site.

A template site can be cheaper, as well as easier for those who don’t quite know what they want or aren’t as technologically savvy.

Those are the upsides, now for the downsides.

Custom built websites can take time; they are custom and thus take more work and effort to get exactly what you want in your site. Along with that work, effort, and time put into them comes money. Custom sites are usually far more expensive to build because they come along with hours and hours of customer service, backup, and site management.

This can be remedies by finding good website builders that aren’t too costly and have great customer service to go along with it. But those types of companies can unfortunately be few and far between.

One of the main things that comes along with having a custom website is the appearance of professionalism, because a custom site shows that the company cared enough to be independent, and provides some creative relief for a customer. This is something that is unfortunately lost when using a template to build your site. The site may look cool, but when I have seen companies that use templates, and can tell that it is a template, I just have a feeling that I am dealing with a smaller, less experienced company.

All in all, they are both viable options when chosen for the right reason, with the correct application.

Either can look very nice and done well, or they can also sort of become works of disaster in the more unfortunate cases.

Before deciding which to use, look over the important factors such as, what you use your site for, who will be looking at it, and what sort of message you want to give off, then check out what the best deal you can get is.

— MB


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