When launching your site, especially if you are a new business without previously informed consumers and customers, the people who are new to your site and products will absolutely want to know a bit about you.

As a consumer, I always find it interesting to check out the “About Us” page on any website to get a feel for who I am buying my things from. Even more so when it is in a smaller company, and the more personal the page is, the better. I find it to be more fun to purchase things from a company that adds their own personal touch to the page.

I, along with plenty of other consumers, am also more likely to buy things from companies that are personable and familiar.

Having your “About Us” page easily accessible and with plenty of information for your customers to read and get to know you will help with your personal relations. It will improve your ability to sell and cater to any specific needs that your visitors may have.

When a consumer knows about your business and some fun specifics about whom they are buying from, they can better know what to expect from you and what to request.

— MB


We are not nerds and while we occasionally understand a small part of what the founders and technical guys are talking about (mostly they explain stuff in terms of cakes and pies), we are all Internet users. We thought it would be fun to share some of our own ideas and views amongst the more technical stuff the boys are going to put up here.