The downsides of using videos on your site

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When building your website, you want to make it concise, clear, and always entertaining. This keeps customers on your site, browsing around, and hopefully contributing to your company.

A good way to hold people’s attention is through use of videos on your site. Videos can be a good form of an attention grabber, here and there, but when they are overused they can be tedious and just plain annoying.

Something I have found while I am on the Internet is that I do not like to watch videos that are longer than 2-3 minutes unless they have to do with something that I am completely and utterly interested in.

This does not occur often on websites that I am browsing for products to buy.  I have found that when a website has a bunch of videos that are longer than 2 minutes that I have a hard time navigating around because that little “play” button is calling my name, I want to leave the website because it annoys me.

The biggest problems with videos are over use, and over stuffing them so that they are more than a fun snippet of an attention grabber.

When a video becomes more of the website than the actual products on the site, there’s something wrong.

Watch out for over-use, as well as over stuffing with content.

— MB


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