This past week, Los Angeles has been rain central.

El Niño is affecting Los Angeles in ways that were perhaps unthinkable to some… piers are falling over, roofs are caving in, and the Internet, at the peak of the rainstorms, is unthinkably slow. There are several ways that the web can be affected by weather, wires breaking, poles falling over, even the ground freezing can affect everything going on that will give you the quick internet you are looking for.

Another thing that is less likely to be seen as a possible reason for Internet failure on a rainy day is the quantity of people using it.

Whether you are a cable user or a ADSL subscriber, if there is a very high number of people trying to use Internet at the same time you are, there is bound to be some slow down. The easiest way to put this into words that any common person would get is that the Internet can only allow for so much usage at once. When there is an overload, the amount of free space users have to get high speed and be able to surf the web faster, diminishes greatly and causes the Internet to slow down and causes you to get upset. Bottom line, lots of users= slower loading. It’s just a fact.

This has been proven time and time again by websites crashing during peak business times, i.e. Christmas and Black Friday. When there are too many users on the site, it crashes; it’s just a fact of web life.

So this year, through spring at least for California, I’m thinking it will be likely that the Internet will have a few issues. The rain this storm will bring, as well as the news that it has already brought and will continue to produce will affect the internet. I don’t doubt that companies have started to steel themselves against failure in the case of an El Niño mishap, but the question of “is it enough?” still lies.

El Niño will be great for the everlasting drought of California, but for the millions of addicted Internet users? Perhaps not so much…

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