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Picture this:  You, sitting at your computer, ripping through pages and pages of sales, clicking “add to cart” faster than you ever thought your fingers could handle. You reach the last page of clearance items and think to yourself, “I did it!” The best prices and deals are yours. You go to your cart, gaze at the total that should be four times as much according to all of the things you have in there, and begin to check out. As you are entering in the card information, your eye slips over to the other side of the page.

Your total cost, which you thought was inexpensive initially, is now very expensive.

Why is that!? Then it hits you, shipping… evil, evil shipping costs. The cost that ruins your holiday shopping sales is typically shipping. So here’s a tip on how to avoid the culprit.

A lot of sites that offer great products also offer free shipping, and especially during the holiday season, it is so critical to know which sites these are.

  • Amazon Prime: Possibly the most well known site, is also one of the best places to get free shipping. They have everything that you could possibly need, and if the free two day shipping isn’t enough for you, then you can upgrade that to same day shipping, but that one comes at a cost.
  • Zappos: The site that is most advertised as selling shoes, also has other products that you can purchase such as bags, watches, and clothing. They have no restrictions or anything on their free shipping, so you can spend $10 or $110, and still have no shipping costs!
  • Eddie Bauer: Free shipping and returns when you enter in their code “GREEN” for a limited time. Make sure that you use the code, especially on great sale offers you are gathering in your cart!
  • Staples: Great for office supplies as well as different snacks and fun things for holiday cheer! My favorite products here are Poppin’ pens, the company also makes different office supplies which come in fun colors and are super cute flare for any office setting.

Overall, you can have the best of both worlds (clearance or sale items as well as free shipping), it just takes a little bit of research. Enjoy your holiday shopping!

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