I have been using Google Chrome for about five years now, and I just downloaded my second add-on. This is exciting because it is a typo corrector that goes along with you as you type online. It goes deep into the typos of your document, even analyzing grammatical errors that are very easy to miss. This add-on is called Grammarly and it has made me wonder why I do not try to use more add-ons! I downloaded a few more, tried them out, and here I am, out of the other end to tell you all about them! These are my favorite ones!

  • Honey: This app is very simple to use and perfect for anyone who does any online shopping. It is essentially a button you click as you are checking out that applies any and all coupons and discounts that it can possibly find. I thought that the app worked very well and it was surprisingly quick. I have gotten many discounts through this application, and would definitely recommend it.
  • Save to Pocket: This app is something that I have always needed, but never knew I needed. It’s the perfect application for all of the times you’ve ever read something interesting on your computer but couldn’t finish it. You click on the Pocket and the application saves the page you were reading to your computer, phone, or even tablet. The best part about this app is that you don’t need Internet to view the article, page, or whatever it is you were reading.
  • Mightytext: If you have a computer that does not automatically connect to your cloud (if you are a PC user, or anything other than Apple) you will probably want to download this application. This is one of my favorite features that I have on my computer because I can work and text people from the same device. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is a huge productivity booster, it allows you to text someone back right from your desk top, this way you don’t run the risk of trailing off into the great unknown of Instagram, or whatever other thing catches your attention on your phone.
  • Earth View: This add-on is less something to help get work done, and more of an entertainment device. It projects some of the coolest images of the earth that I have ever seen every time you open a new tab. For someone with wanderlust, this is an ideal app because you can see how insane the world really is. Google Earth has always fascinated me and I am elated to see different parts of the world in my browser every time I open a new tab.

There you have it, some of the best and most interesting add-ons you can download! I really enjoy using Google Chrome because of all of the personal touches you are able to put on it. There’s no limit to how custom you can get on Chrome, including changing the colors of the browser itself!

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