5 Reasons to Get Amazon Prime Now

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Amazon prime is revolutionary in the world of ordering things online. I have had this service for about three years now and there is honestly nothing like it. I was recently talking to a friend about Amazon and I was surprised to find out that she did not have an account. When I asked her why, she mentioned that the annual cost of $99 didn’t seem worth it. As an advocate of Amazon, I am here to explain to the world why the $99 per year is absolutely worth it.

  1. Free two day shipping. This feature doesn’t apply to every item on Amazon, but if you do enough digging you will find that it doesn’t need to apply to everything. There is a solution to every shipping problem when it comes to Amazon and it is simply to find another Amazon vendor for the product. In my experience, finding products with the free Two Day Shipping feature are a dime a dozen on Amazon. If your brand doesn’t have the offer attached to it, it may be worth it for you to find another substitute brand.
  2. Amazon Prime TV. With some of the best award winning shows currently airing, it suffices to say that you are missing out if you do not have access to all of the great Prime shows. From Transparent to Mozart in the Jungle, they have shows all over the map and aimed specifically towards every audience out there. If you are a person who watches TV, I can assure you that there is a show on Amazon Prime that you would binge watch with delight.
  3. Free Photo Storage. Not only does your Amazon Prime membership get you some of the best TV shows, it also offers you an alternative storage for your photos. The feature, called Amazon Cloud Drive, can be set up so that your phone automatically uploads the photos you take to the cloud. This allows for an easy transfer of your pictures from your phone to laptop, and gives you a great answer to any storage problems you may be facing with your phone!
  4. Alternative to going shopping. I have ordered many, many things on Amazon. Some of the most memorable are the ones that I would have expected to order online the least. Sometimes I order things online because I can’t sleep in the middle of the night (but that’s for me to worry about!). Other times, like one of my most recent orders, the grocery store runs out of something that I need desperately. This past week I ran out of laundry detergent and lo and behold, Costco had NONE. I scrambled to find a way to wash my smelly gym clothes until I remembered I had Amazon Prime and could order anything at any time. Then, all of my worries went away.
  5. Last minute needs can be taken care of. Going on a ski trip that you found out about this weekend? Does your child have a talent show that you forgot to buy the costume for? Did your expansive supply of super glue spontaneously dry up?! Well Amazon can help you out! They have anything and everything you could possibly need and with the free two day shipping, you don’t have to worry about getting your items in time!

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