1. People without friends can receive an abundance of mail every day.

2. Anyone can delete legitimate email they didn’t want to answer and claim it must have gone in the “spam folder”.

3. Deleting spam gives you 20 minute break at work.

4. Deleting spam quickly increases your eye/hand coordination.

5. It gives you something to forward to people you don’t like.

6. Anyone can publish the email address of someone they don’t like to bury them.

7. It leads to a convincing way to show your superstitious colleagues that deleting “bad luck” chain letters is OK.

8. Anyone can get their manly organ enlarged (or spouse’s) quickly.

9. Handling MED (male erection disorder) is one click away.

10. You can find all sorts of “glorious” things you can buy for $19.95

11. You can tell people you won world-wide lotteries.

12. You know exactly when your company’s or ISP’s email system goes down.

13. It has created an entirely new industry in spam prevention.

14. You are all set if you need to refinance anything.

15. You know what to do about your baldness

16. You can get all that ‘high grade’ stock advice

17. You would never know that you had rich family in Nigeria

18. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those fantastic business opportunities in making a % transferring money from 3rd world countries