Something I love more than anything in a company is great customer service.

I know I am not alone when I say that customer service can make or break a company; once you experience terrible customer service it can be difficult to see said company in the same light again. Something that I appreciate greatly in a website is a “Chat Now!” customer service tab. It’s usually located around the top right of the page, and let’s be honest, what more could you want in a customer service representative? They’re right there waiting to talk to you, they’ve got all of the information you need at hand, and they can’t lag too long on answers because then you may leave the page! Sounds like a young adult romance novel to me!

So, here are some tips to make sure that your customer service representative tab can be as amazing as your entire customer base dreams about.

  • Availability: Something that looks really great in a company is speed. When your customer clicks on that tab, they are looking for instant gratification. A simple, automatic, “Hello! How can I help you today? message will suffice, as long as it occurs promptly after the customer opens the tab. There isn’t anything worse than a company “claiming” to have “great” customer service.
  • Spell Check: Something that can rub me the wrong way is when a customer service representative has difficulty with spelling and/or grammar. Spell check is on every computer that I’ve ever used and there are plenty of handy applications one can use online to make sure that the spelling and grammar your representative is typing is correct.
  • Accurate Information: This is sort of a given but if you are talking to someone online about whether not they have something stocked in a store near by, you want the information to be as accurate as possible. This also means making sure that they have accurate information about sizing for clothing, etc., This is extremely important if you want customers to be trusting of your service.

So there you have it, some of the most important points of customer service that you should be sure to apply when you are thinking about having a “Chat Now” tab on your website, as well as when you are figuring out your customer service representatives in general. Make sure that the customer service you are offering is something that you would love to have while doing your own shopping and you will be off to a great start!

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