As a company, something you want to do is stand out – be out of the ordinary and special so that customers come to you asking for whatever it is you are trying to sell.

A fun way you can do this is by bringing to light holidays that aren’t widely known. People love celebrating and you can promote celebration (and your company) through your social media and blog, which will draw attention to you and your product!

Promotion and marketing are key in running a successful business, unless you run and underground spy shop, and this is a great way to get some attention.

Here are some of the best obscure holidays to celebrate and make known:

January 25th: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Always the last Monday in January this is the day to celebrate the thing that allows us to ship anything! Even more delicate things. Ahh how I love the sound of a good bubble wrap pop.

April 3rd: World Party Day The day that signifies the world coming together and doing the exact opposite of a lot of the crappy things we have seen lately; partying.

September 6th: Fight Procrastination Day This is the day to finally get all of those things done that have been sitting on your desk for WAY too long.

November 29th: Square Dance Day The official day to do a little Dose Do with your favorite dance partner. This is a fun day because you can square dance anywhere! Take a 5-minute dance break in your office this November and celebrate this obscure holiday.

So there you have it, folks. Some of the best obscure holidays to write about, celebrate, and promote to help your company.

Make your content fun and exciting and people will love reading your blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets and they will always come back for more!

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