Do you love the Internet? Do you love searching for things online, writing code, shopping online, everything about the way it feels when your fingers touch the keyboard of your cold computer first thing in the morning and rest there until you remove them from the now hot-keyboard late at night?

If you are someone who answered yes to any of these, and were salivating while reading the last part of that sentence, then you are also someone who probably wants to watch entertaining shows and television about the Internet and everything having to do with business as we know it in the digital age!

Silicon Valley: One of the best shows on HBO right now, this television program is about Silicon Valley start-ups and the adventure that goes along with being too-genius for your own good, and creating a company that outgrows everything you ever thought it would. This show is highly entertaining and funnier than it is serious.

Mr. Robot: As a USA Network show, Mr. Robot pleasantly surprised me with some of the best writing and most intricate plot work I have ever seen in a TV show. Everything is basically a math equation in this show, because it all adds up in the end (cue laugh track). But seriously, this show about the secret hacking group that is looking to take down corporate America makes you reconsider everything you have ever posted, looked at, or searched for on the Internet.

The Startup Kids: A documentary released in 2012, this film is about young people in the United States and Europe who have created their own start-ups and what it took to get where they are today. Among the founders that are interviewed, they feature interviews with the founders of Vimeo, Dropbox, SoundCloud, and much more about their route to creating their own success, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, and everything else pertaining to their business.

Something Ventured: Another documentary made in 2011 about some of the most successful businesses that changed technology as we know it. This is a film about the people who faced the edge of the cliff in business and with some good insight, a vision, and a whole lot of lucked jumped into some of the most successful business ventures ever. This documentary uncovers the ups and downs of creating a business, and what actually goes down behind the curtains in the big businesses we all typically know so little about.

So there you have some of my personal favorite films and television shows about living in the digital age, the ups and downs of entrepreneur business, and what it really takes to be a success these days when you’re venturing off into the great unknown of the Internet.

Watch them and let us know what you think!

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