Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have been watching the Olympics and dwelling over the fact that I could maybe play one of these sports.

I am absolutely not suggesting that I could play on one of the teams that would compete in the Olympics. I’m just saying that I would physically be CAPABLE of PLAYING one or two of these games. I could probably play some beach volleyball with friends. If they were 45 years older than me and even more out of shape than I am, I’d probably be the best player, not to brag or anything.

Here are some of the things that I wish were Olympic Sports.

1) Typing
2) Answering the phone quickly
3) Getting back to emails promptly
4) Avoiding traffic on your website
5) Avoiding traffic on the 5 freeway
6) Doing social media for a company
7) Figuring out how to get extra storage on a device
8) Changing over all of the data from one laptop to another
9) Photoshop
10) Writing code
11) Blog writing
12) Getting a website back online after it crashes
13) Ordering food for the whole office
14) Negotiating the best price on anything
15) Running a small business

Now I am totally not sure how 99.9% of these would be translated into Olympic Sports, but I would like to see someone try to accomplish that because then, and ONLY then would I have a chance at making it into the Olympics.

Of course we are very busy here with working on websites, blogs, social media, helping people maintain the website of their dreams, and everything else that we do so I am not totally sure that the training schedule would work for me…

But I will watch my fellow Internet lovers compete, if the event is televised and the timing works with my schedule…

You know what? Let’s just leave the Olympics as they are.

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