When I am shopping online with the intention of buying products from a company, which includes giving them my credit card information on a website, the last thing that I want to be feeling is suspicious of the company or the people who I am giving this credit card information to.

When I browse the internet for products to buy and am lead to a site that has a ton of pop-ups, or site errors, or otherwise unnerving signs that this is something I should be cautious about buying from, I am put off by this company and am far less likely to buy from them.

What makes me trust a website is knowing who the people are behind that site and this usually comes from a nice website that looks very professional, and does not have a bunch of pop-up ads everywhere you click.

When a website is:

  • clean cut,
  • easy to navigate,
  • has a lot of options to find out more about the company and the people you are buying your products from
  • Then the consumer is more likely to trust the company and buy more products. This also comes in the form of making sure your website is current. If you have a site that looks like it was built in 2003, you may want to update it because we have a lot of new technology these days that is actually pretty cool.

    The best way to make sure that you have a working website that people want to buy form is to have one that is professional. This means having a good hosting company to keep it up and running smoothly, and a great layout with easily accessible features for your customers to use, and content that is continuously being updated. Take the “Sold Out” products off of the page if they have been there for a year, update your blog so that you have a current and interesting stream of information to share with people.

    Making sure you have a website that people trust is key in finding success online.

    When you have customers who cannot trust your website, they aren’t likely to buy things or contact you for services. When you are building your website making sure that you have people looking at it from an objective point of view, going through the process of buying things, making sure that it is a smooth process that they feel comfortable going through. Being able to trust and enjoy being on your site is the first step in having return customers, so make sure you don’t miss out on this!

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