Happy Holidays, everyone!

First of all, how are you doing?

I hope Cyber Monday went well, and that you are enjoying your online presence and all of your companies and businesses are thriving! In my experience, Cyber Monday is the biggest day of the year. More online traffic can be experienced than any other day of the year and it is pretty epic.

With all of the rush and excitement of sales and holidays just around the corner, something that you may be wondering is how to keep the excitement going on your website. It can seem difficult to keep up with the skyrocketing sales, so here are some tips on how to keep the flame lit under your customer’s booties so that they keep coming back all through the rest of the year!

* Keep the sales going: if you had some great promotions going on throughout Black Friday/ Cyber Monday keep some of them alive and let your customers know about it! A Christmas Special can be equally as appealing as a Cyber Monday special and there is nothing better when you are shopping online then getting a special deal!

* Have slammin’ customer service: this is especially important because customers love amazing customer service and nothing makes them want to come back and buy more from you faster than it (other than a product that they fall in love with, of course)!

* Reach out to your customers: Send out a newsletter, a blog post, or anything else to remind your customers that you are running a great deal, or have a new product that you think they would love and that they absolutely need to check out.

* Make sure your shopping cart and check out process is uber fast!! You can ask your web hosting company to run tests on it prior to big sales days!

* Keep your social media alive: when you have a strong online presence, your customers won’t forget about you and will want to come buy your products. Make sure you are keeping your posts consistent, and it’s best if you can find something funny to post every once in a while!

So there you go!

Make sure you are keeping up with your customers, letting them know exactly what your company is up to and why they need to keep buying your products throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Keep your company booming and keep the feeling alive from this Cyber Monday by continuing to reach out to your customers and making them remember why it is they come to your website and company in the first place!

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