Happy New Year to all of our beloved customers and blog readers, we hope your New Year’s celebrations were safe and fun. I think today is the last day we can say Happy New Year, right?

2016 was… interesting. We lost a lot of legendary artists, and now, I personally feel like we need some great reasons to celebrate. Remember in a past blog we touched upon how important it is to celebrate obscure holidays? In case you missed it, I’ll recap. Basically, celebrating random holidays on your website gives you more opportunity to reach out to a wide spectrum of customers, readers, consumers, and people in general. It opens the door to some hip website (Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, etc…) picking up your obscure blog or sale and popularizing it throughout the Internet.

Long story short, having a cool blog post, or a sale for your e-commerce site, because of a funny or obscure holiday is a great thing to do! In case your knowledge of the best random days to celebrate throughout the year is limited, I have complied some great, and random, reasons to celebrate! These are legitimate holidays, so make sure you take it very seriously!

  • February 4th: Homemade Soup Day. The origin of this momentous and grand day is unfortunately untraceable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. So pop open a can of soup and raise a bowl to Homemade Soup Day!
  • February 9th: Toothache Day. Created by the dental industry, this day is all about educating people on toothaches, how to prevent them, and how to get rid of them. If you are an e-commerce site that has anything to do with teeth, this day is for you!
  • February 18th: Battery Day. This is the day to be grateful for battery power. Without it, we would not have the toys in Toy Story, Gameboys, or the Walkman. We have to be able to appreciate what past technology has done for us and those are some funny ways to celebrate Battery Day! (Yeah, I know we still use batteries, but I just had to use that Toy Story example, come on!)
  • February 23rd: Digital Learning day. This is one of my favorites because it highlights how far technology has come not only in the classrooms, but also throughout the world. Digital Learning day is all about incorporating technology into our education.
  • February 28th: Floral Design Day. Officially named in 1995, this is the day for you to show off your best floral arrangement skills. Top off your greatest pic of flowers with a cute caption on your Instagram and smell the “likes” rolling in over the knoll!
  • So there you have it! Some great, super random holidays to celebrate this coming February!

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