Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you have forgotten all about it and don’t have anything figured out to give to your loved one, fret no more!

We have plenty of great options when it comes to presents where the Internet is concerned. There are plenty of perks to giving your significant other an online present, reminding them how much you love them. Two of the most notable perks are that you don’t have to physically go get anything (it can be delivered directly to their doorstep), and it could possibly be free for you to do! Heck yes!

Here are some suggestions of what to give the one you love this Valentine’s Day.

  • * A beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangement (because, duh, flowers scream V-day). You can order these flowers all over the Internet. A simple Google search will suffice and you can get some crazy discounts on this sort of a thing if you order a couple of day in advance. Give your loved one some roses, a sweet note, and best of all, you never even had to leave your desk to make them smile their beautiful face off.
  • * is a website where you can make children’s books for free and send them off to anyone and everyone. This may seem funny, but sometimes simple does the trick! A storybook about how you fell in love, or about how this person makes you feel showing up in their in basket could make their day. Best of all, it is free and takes so little time!
  • * Order their favorite meals all day right to their doorstep. Get breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks all in between delivered right to you! Spend a day in bed binge watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime and enjoy your Valentine’s Lazy Day. Use Grubhub and search for their February discount code for $10 off of your order!
  • * Evite them to the fanciest dinner of all time (that you’ll probably have to leave your house to go to, or you can scour the Tasty Facebook and find a meal to make at home!) and either pay for a nice meal out, or dine in and impress your loved one with your amazing cooking skills (that were really just learned from watching Facebook videos…)

Treat yourself and your loved one this Valentine’s Day to something good, fun, and Insta-worthy. Use the Internet to your advantage this year and you may not ever need to leave your house to make this an extremely special Valentine’s Day.

And just like that, we all win!


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