This new generation is all about games, gaming, and anything having to do with using a computer, iPad, iPhone, or anything else i-related to consume every waking moment of their day.

Schools have been implementing more and more iPad usage and there are constantly new apps and developments being made specifically for kids. If they’re going to be playing the games on electronics, my thought is that the games they are playing should at least teach them a little something!

Here are some of the best, and most fun, educational games for your children to be playing on their electronic devices this spring break/ summer/ any day of the week!

    1) Math Ninja: This is a game that teaches kids the fun of kung fu while still educating them in basic division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition. If your child enjoys slicing watermelons, pieces of wood, and bad guys in half with their razor sharp karate chops and could also use some help with their mathematics, this is the game for them.

    2) The Oregon Trail: Personally, I love this game. It is all about the history of the Oregon Trail and originally started out as a card game. This game makes history fun to learn as you become one of the original people to migrate the Oregon Trail. You learn all about the history of the time while fighting off disease, building homes, and making a life for yourself. It is highly entertaining.

    3) iWriteWords: This game is for the younger kids to help them perfect their handwriting through games, awards, and fun! They practice writing different words and letters directly onto the touch pad of their device and it grades their work for them and helps them improve upon their handwriting. It is fun and very rewarding.

    4) Monster Physics: This application is great for any kids who enjoy science and physics as it lets them work on and create their own machines digitally to play with in real time! It is pretty awesome because they learn from lessons on the app and then are able to directly apply what they learned to build their own machines. Physics is awesome and this app really brings that home to kids all over the place!

    5) Move The Turtle: This is a great game created for younger kids to learn programming. Each level they achieve increases the difficulty of the game and allows them to continue growing and learning the world of coding! The main character it uses is a little turtle and the higher levels allow children to code the turtle to move however they want it to!

There are so many amazing games and interesting ways to teach kids anything they want to learn using technology! These games above are not only highly educational, but more importantly, they are also fun, and they will teach kids the objectives of the game and also about how fun learning can be! If they need to play with an iPad 24/7, it might as well be something educational, am I right? Help them learn and have fun at the same time and download some of these educational games today!

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