If you have an Instagram for your company, you know what promotion in the modern age is all about. You know that you need tools that any audience can relate to and this includes people on social media sites and applications! Here are some tips to making your Instagram for your business the best it can possibly be!

  • 1. Make it a business account! This is a newer feature on Instagram that allows companies to turn their account into a “business profile.” It gives an option for people to contact you right off of Instagram and overall looks more technologically savvy and professional. If you have not made your account a business account yet, do this as soon as possible and make sure you have the correct phone number, emails, and website up there so that people can find your business easily!
  • 2. Have a great profile photo. This can be your company logo, or if you have a smaller, more personal business, it can even be a photo of the person representing your company. Whatever it is, make sure it shows people who you are as a business, at a glance. No matter what the photo is, it has to be something high quality, and recognizable.
  • 3. Upload things that have to do with your company, forget about the rest. Photos that are relevant to the products you are offering to consumers are what you want to put up on your account. Anything else will confuse people or make them think that you are running a personal account and not one for a business. Making sure you keep your account relevant to your business is important because people can then recognize you and everything you have to offer to them immediately. ¬†This is part of Branding in E-commerce world.

Keep your business on the technological map and keep people up to date with everything going on in your company! Get on Instagram and show your potential customers everything you’re made of.

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