About QuestaVolta

How we took the road less traveled, to build success for our many retail customers.

In 2005…

We saw a need to address rampant email spam issues. While expanding our business, many of our customers expressed being underserviced by their hosting providers. We decided to fill that need by providing bespoke high-tech solutions and exceeding customer support expectations. We want every customer to succeed in what they do on the web. We work to achieve that goal by making hosting something they don’t need to worry about. 

Questa Volta is awesome. Thank you for the great support and hosting experience. Been one of the best I’ve seen!
- B.T.

We Believe

  • The hosting of your website, especially in the e-commerce arena, is as important as sleeping or eating.
  • Each customer is unique, which is why we love providing bespoke solutions.
  • Customer service is vital, and we strive to make every customer ecstatic with the services and support levels we provide.
  • In the strongest security measures possible to protect customer data.
  • In rock-solid infrastructure.
We’ve been very happy with the hosting partnership and Quest Volta’s level of technical service and expertise. It’s a great 3rd party addition to our technical resources and has prevented a lot of headaches already just having Quest Volta’s team there for help.
- J.H.

How do we accomplish this?

Customer Service
  • We are always ready to assist at a moment’s notice.
  • We don’t provide canned solutions that may or may not apply.
  • We directly address the issue you are having.
  • If you aren’t familiar with technology, don’t worry, we can help you.
  • If you call, you reach a real person who can help you.
Bespoke Hosting Solutions
  • All packages are customizable.
  • Our servers are tuned to the customer’s specific application to achieve maximum performance.
  • We do regular reviews of our servers for continued improvements.
  • If a customer needs a server outside our standard packages, the lead technical team does an interview and analysis of the needs, and a custom server is built to fill those needs.
  • We use the latest and greatest servers on the market today.
  • We do not cut corners by using cheap hardware. 
  • We always have plenty of extra storage and memory on hand. When peak season hits your website, it will perform as fast as it does on any other day of the year. 
  • We never overcrowd servers; everything is kept in tune and balanced correctly to maximize performance 365 days per year.
  • We provide Malware scanning every 6 hours, on every server.
  • We stay abreast of security vulnerabilities on popular web platforms and notify our customers when they come up so you can take action with your team.
  • We manage a web application firewall to protect your sensitive information.
  • Off-server site & database backups supporting granular time-version restore.
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